Elephant Facts:

  • Elephants in the wild eat 350 POUNDS of grass a day - 50% of it is worthless; Elephants in circuses are fed 350 POUNDS of Timothy Hay plus other nutritious grains daily.
  • Elephants sleep 6 hours per day and eat 18 hours per day.
  • Average mature elephants weigh 7,000 to 8,000 pounds.
  • A 1000 pound horse can carry a load of 200 pounds; a 7000 pound elephant can carry a load of 1400 pounds.
  • A work elephant in India often carries 1400 pounds; a circus elephant used for rides carries about 360 pounds - the weight of six sixty pound children.
  • The leader of an elephant herd is the Matriarch (female).
  • It takes 18 months from insemination to birth of only a single offspring; elephants do not have litters.
  • A baby elephant nurses for two years.
  • Elephants are closer to primates (humans and apes) than they are to to any other non-primate mammal.
  • Elephants are not mean spirited unless mistreated; elephants only attack because of hunger of fear.
  • Elephants are gentle, affectionate animals and do not prey on any living creature.
  • Elephants bond readily with humans and are easily domesticated.

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